The character of the wines from Basilescu Winery withdraws its sap from the specific terroir offered by Dealu Mare and Pietroasa vineyards. Basilescu wines' secret: unique terroir and over 100 years old tradition.
The microclimate
This region's climate is a continental climate, with cold winters and warm summers, whose excessiveness is alleviated by hillocks screen, favouring a good ripening of the grapes and the grape-vine's wood. The water storing in the soil during winter stimulates during the first phase of the vegetation, the intense sprout growth, and the rains at the beginning of the summer stimulates the growth of the grapes. During the maturing phase of the grapes (august to september) precipitations are slightly reduced, favouring the ripening, sugar, colour and flavours accumulation. Abstemious air currents due to the hilly terrain removes humidity excess following rains, preserving the health of the plantation.
The topography
The viticultural domain in Urlaţi stretches out on ridged hillocks and uplands with exposure on the South, South-East and South-West slopes, excellent for grape-vine variety crops, necessary for high quality wines.
The soil
Soils are eroded forest auburn soils, established over red loams, marl and fine auburn sands, alternating with solidified sandy soils. These soils, with a high iron oxides content, are excellent for red-wine grape crops. The renowned Black Maiden, who delights senses and kindles the imagination of our customers, withdraws its sap from these terrains.


The toponymy of the region is related to wine. Nicolae Iorga documents that the region’s name originates from wine, more precisely from the effects ensuing drinking it, the bacchic state – “a howl of joy”. Ever since 1880, wines from Urlati region were awarded with golden medal by the Concordia Română society within the Romanian Arts and Industries Exhibition.

Basilescu Winery holds 60 ha of vineyards in the viticultural center of Urlaţi, with a high viticultural potential for high quality red and white wines: Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Burgund Mare, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Feteasca, etc.

Here we produce high quality wines that possess character and elegance, framed into the Controlled Origin Naming category (D.O.C. – (ro.) “Denumirea de Origine Controlată”) – Dealu Mare, such as Golem, Ingeri din Micul Paris and Eclipse.