Wines produced from Urlaţi’s vineyard were used in the creation of the famous Nicolae Basilescu & St. Marceaux&Co champagne as well

Banner  "Sampanie St. Marceaux & CO"Between 1910-1921, through his own efforts and with the help of several institutions (Marmorosch Blank et Co. Bank, Industrial Credit National Society, National Bank of Romania, Maison de Champaigne St. Marceaux & Co., France), N. Basilescu refurbishes the Beer Factory from Bucureştii Noi and converts it to the Natural Champagne Factory.

On the 28th of January, 1928, Maison de Champaigne St. Marceau&Co. (whose foundations were laid in Reims in 1837), authorizes the association of its own label with Nicolae Basilescu’s name for the champagne created in his winery. This was a sign of unmitigated trust in the quality of the wine created at Urlaţi, where Basilescu family had their winery and vinicultural domain.

In high regards to the whereabouts of prominent psyches of the era – from writers, actors, painters, poets, to politicians and diplomats – and for the friendship shared with Capşa family, Nicolae Basilescu entrusts sales and acting on his behalf to Capsa House. Several labels, such as Grand Capşa 1921, Capşa 1921, Riesling Capşa, Cloş Bob Capşa, Capşa Rouge, Pelin Capşa, were part of his own private range of products, deliberately created for the famous restaurant.

However, this success story ends abruptly in 1949, when the state sequestrates all goods and terrains that belonged to the Basilescu family. Its members are relocated in Mizil, where they were forced to live until 1964