Wine wisdom

MaturareaThis is the conclusion of the entire activity, starting with the work done in the vineyard and ending with ageing of the wine. It appears on the stage, under the spotlights, with simplicity, overflowing elegance and mystery.

Wine ageing is the phase in which wines develop a distinct complexity, dependant on the potential offered by the quality of the grapes, yet, unmistakably, dependant on the technology and the use or not of oak barrels as well.

The type and quality of the wine will dictate the ageing period which can vary between 6 and 24 months. We use French and Romanian oak wood barrels which best ennobles our wine made from international and native varieties. There is a certain particular affinity between wine and oak barrels and between the origins of the grape variety and of the oak wood. The latter potentiate the complexity of the “fermented grape juice” having the propensity to transform it into a mysterious bacchic potion, emphasizing it’s intensity and persistence.

MaturareaBasilescu wine collection is ideal for the wine maturing and ageing process, because it maintains a constant temperature and humidity, necessary to this process. Aromas, flavours, tradition, the terroir, weave into a perfect harmony for the emergence of artistic wines!

Wine will receive all the commendation of the public at the end of the play – when the last pearl of this magical potion is savoured by our customers!

“Let us celebrate events with wine and beautiful words.”